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Junior Summerdance Program

(ages 9-11)

This program is for current Elementary 2, Junior 1 and Junior 2 dancers.

In addition to Ballet Technique twice a week, they will have a Specialty class, Yoga, Stretch & Strengthening or Contemporary class. This program does not include a performance. If these dancers are interested in performing in Summerfest 2017 please see the Performance Workshop program below.


Tuesdays & Thursdays - at Marin Dance Theatre Studios –
St. Vincent’s Campus

June 27, 29, July 6, 11 13, 18, 20   4pm-6pm   Tuition $245.00


Performance Workshop (ages 9-11)

This program is for current Elementary 2, Junior 1 and Junior 2 dancers. If you have a performer in the family, then this workshop is for you!

Dancers will have Technique each day and learn a dance in this fun-filled week. They will participate in the tech and dress rehearsal on Friday, July 28th and also in MDT’s Summerfest Performances on Saturday, July 29th at Spreckels Performing Arts Center in Rohnert Park.


July 24-28       3pm-5:30pm

July 29            1pm & 5pm performances           Tuition: $225.00


Dance Arts Camp (ages 5-7)

Monday-Fridays - at Marin Dance Theatre Studios – St. Vincent’s Campus


June 12th-16th


Tuition $220.00

June 26th-30th


Tuition $220.00


Dance Arts Camp (ages 7-10)

Monday-Fridays - at Marin Dance Theatre Studios – St. Vincent’s Campus


June 19th-23rd


Tuition $350.00

July 31st-Aug. 4th


Tuition $350.00

August 7th-11th


Tuition $350.00


For the Dance Arts Camps, each week will have a different and fun theme such as, The Sea, The Forest, The Toyshop, or The Seasons. There will be a studio performance on the last day.


Let’s Imagine (ages 3-6)

The ballet world is one of imagination, pantomime and fantasy. Marin Dance Theatre’s Lets Imagine class, dancers will tap into their imagination skills. They will create an original story, then bring it to life through dance and fantasy. They will dance away from class with new ways to move and an enhanced ability to express their imagination.

Program held at Marin Dance Theatre Studios


Wednesday – July 5, 12, 19, 26

Saturdays – July 1, 8, 15, 22

3 & 4 year olds         9am-9:45am                 Tuition: $50.00

5 & 6 year olds         10am-11:00am             Tuition: $60.00


One St Vincent Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903 - (415) 499-8891 - info@mdt.org - www.mdt.org


for Intro to Ballet 1 through Elementary 2 Students

(Get a PDF copy of this schedule here.)

Saturday, June 3rd
11:00am, 1:30pm & 4:00pm

Your child's dance class is listed below by name of the class, the day/time the class regularly meets, and the instructor's name. Every class is listed under one of the three performance times. Once you find your class, please note the arrival time for when your child should be dropped off at MDT dressed and ready for their performance! Please drop off your dancer in the MDT studio. From there, you may head over to the auditorium and wait in line for admittance to the performance. Seating in the auditorium is on a first come, first choice basis.
*11:00am Performance*
 Class Name Regular Day/Time Teacher Arrival Time
 Intro to Ballet 2 Saturday 11:00 Michelle Parodi 10:00am
 Marinwood Wednesday 12:45 Vicki Bassing 10:00am
 Marinwood Wednesday 1:30 Vicki Bassing 10:00am
 Pre-Ballet 1 Tuesday 3:00 Brigid Hoag   9:45am
 Pre-Ballet 2 Tuesday 4:00 Brigid Hoag   9:45am
 Elementary 2 Tuesday 4:00 Kristina deKorsak   9:45am
*1:30pm Performance*
 Class Name Regular Day/Time Teacher Arrival Time
 Intro to Ballet 1/2 Tuesday 10:00 Alison Rasmussen 12:30pm
 Pre-Ballet 1 Wednesday 3:00 Brigid Hoag 12:15pm
 Pre-Ballet 2 Friday 4:00 Vicki Bassing 12:15pm
 Elementary 1 Saturday 10:15 Brigid Hoag 12:15pm
 Elementary 2 Thursday 4:00 Brigid Hoag 12:15pm
*4:00pm Performance*
 Class Name Regular Day/Time Teacher Arrival Time
 Intro to Ballet 1/2 Saturday 10:00 Michelle Parodi 3:00pm
 Intro to Ballet 2 Wednesday 3:00 Vicki Bassing 3:00pm
 Pre-Ballet 1 Saturday 11:45 Michelle Parodi 2:45pm
 Pre-Ballet 2 Wednesday 4:00 Brigid Hoag 2:45pm
 Elementary 1 Wednesday 5:00 Brigid Hoag 2:45pm
 Elementary 2 Saturday 11:30 Brigid Hoag 2:45pm
Please have your dancer arrive at MDT at their stated arrival time in their uniform attire. Attire for each class is their regular class attire and is listed below:

Intro/Pre-Ballet - Plain pink short-sleeve leotard (no skirts, rhinestones or attachments), plain white socks and pink ballet slippers.

Elementary – Come in the leotard you have (but another will be provided for the performance), pink tights and pink ballet slippers.

Boys - White t-shirt, black tights/shorts, plain white socks and white or black ballet shoes.

Please put your dancer's hair in a neat, plain bun. We will have senior dancers here to help with hair if you need, but please bring supplies (brush, hair elastics, pins & nets). Girls will be given a flower to wear in their hair and Pre-Ballet and Elementary classes will have skirts. Flowers and skirts belong to MDT, so please be sure to return them before you leave the performance.

After you drop off your dancer, we will rehearse and prepare the dancers for their performance, and will walk to the auditorium as a class. Parents can head over to the auditorium to get in line for admittance. Please feel free to videotape the performance, but we ask no flash photography, as it may be distracting to the dancers. Please also be mindful not to stand during the performance so that all audience members can see their dancers. Photos can also be taken in the courtyard following your child's performance.

**We ask that each family bring a plate of treats/snacks to share following your dancer's performance. Suggestions are cookies, muffins, brownies or fruit. MDT will provide water and lemonade. We will also have small bouquets of flowers available for sale for your dancers.
Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful performance!