Synopsis of Sophie and the Enchanted Toyshop

Act I - Scene One
The curtain opens on an English village street scene. Itís a snowy December afternoon and the town square is filled with school children, street people and gypsies. Masqued Players have come to town to entertain the holiday crowds. Among the revelers, we notice Mrs. Huntington and her daughter, Sophie. Sophie is entranced by the Masqued Players and is overjoyed when one of them presents her with his mask. A street urchin approaches to take a closer look, and in an act of kindness, Sophie decides to give her the treasured mask. All the while, the mysterious Toymaker has been observing the scene, and Sophieís generosity has not gone unnoticed. He beckons her over and, as a reward for her generosity, he presents her with a magnificent Magic Book. Sophie turns to her mother to show her the book, and when she turns back around to thank the Toymaker, he has disappeared. Itís getting late, the gypsies are dancing one last dance as the crowd starts to disperse.  Sophie and her mother are now back home, and the scene closes on Mrs. Huntington reading from the Magic Book, while Sophie gently drifts off to sleep.

Act I - Scene Two
The Toymaker appears to Sophie in her dream and takes her on a magical journey to a beautiful winter wonderland where she is greeted by fairies, skaters, and the elegant Snow Princess and Snow Prince.

Act II - The Toy Shop
As a final treat, the Toymaker invites Sophie to his Toyshop. The house is filled with magical toys from around the world. Dancing Dolls and Clowns, Elves and Bunnies, Soldiers and Jesters, Russian Dancers, a Ballerina and a giant Teddy Bear come to life and create a night to remember. Sophie awakens and looks at her Magic Book. Was it all a dream? You decide!